Oct 12, 2020 | Where to Begin

What Are Some Resources for Open Relationships That I Can Use?

Support is vital no matter what you do, from losing weight, dealing with stress, work, kids, anything in your life that needs a bit of a boost in the realm of other people cheering you on and helping you. Having support groups for open relationships is no different as you’re traversing a world of many people that have many likes and dislikes, and sometimes the rules and boundaries can be tricky. Here are a few we’ve found that may help in your journey.


With this group here, you can find support in the manner of a group that’s for people all around the world in good old Facebook fashion. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, two men, Phillipe and Paget, opened this group in the beginning for friends to support one another and found instead a community full of people that were helpful, open, and loving with each other on the subject of being polyamorous. There is a wealth of people in this group who have experience from all walks of life and are happy to support those in any stage of their journey. The group even has get-togethers twice a month for those in the San Francisco Bay Area and anyone else who wants to attend.


This is a great place to look for support groups as there are quite a few on here that will help you along your journey in the way of support. There are groups for support here and other groups that will give you resources to meet people in your specific area or just meet people. Many of the groups have meetups once in a while, which helps with staying transparent in their membership. A lot of the groups require that others verify people before joining. This not only helps with keeping things safe, but you’ll go in knowing that you’ve found a significant source of encouragement and like-minded people.


The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists is a great tool to find therapists who have training in addressing sexuality topics. Most of these therapists are more prone to positively approach this topic as they’re well educated on the subject themselves. So if you feel you need a little more private support, this is a great resource to take advantage of.

The Open List

A bevy of resources is at hand with The Open List. From finding doctors, therapists, alternative medicine, lawyers, and anything else you can think of, they focus this website on finding those of the polyamorous lifestyle professionals that they can feel comfortable with and understand their life’s choices without judgment. You can find coaches and consulting that can help you through your journey, any bumps in the road, or any other support you may need along the way.

Kink and Poly Aware Professionals Directory

The KAP is another excellent resource for finding professionals within the field who will work with those that are polyamorous and understand their needs, are knowledgeable, and are sensitive to the diverse sexuality that those of different orientations have. This gives polyamorous people a resource for more professionals that can help them through their journey in life, but make sure they’re matched up with people who understand them.

There are tons of resources out there for those that are polyamorous or of any diverse sexual needs, and sometimes that can be hard to find. With these resources, it’s an excellent start to seeing what’s needed for everyone and their unique set of needs, wants, and situations. Having a professional or support group you’re comfortable with, that treats you fairly and without judgment is always important to have no matter what stage of the journey you might be in.

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