How to Meet the Right People - Polyamorous Style

Polyamory is growing in popularity as the traditional ways of the past are being overtaken by a new wave of love and acceptance. As the understanding of polyamory expands, more and more individuals and couples are experimenting. With this influx, finding other like-minded people is getting easier and more accessible. Along with the individual surge, there is an upturn in communities involving the polyamorous lifestyle. There are now communities across the world that you can access from the ease of your phone. Sites like Facebook and along with several dating apps now involve events, community boards, and options for the polyamory community.

The 3 easiest ways to find your next partner

1. Dating apps across the board are becoming the new norm. All over, people are finding it easier to connect with and find significant others via dating apps, and this is no different in polyamory. Whether you’re looking for a relationship, a hookup or a third, dating apps can be largely efficient. Accessible from almost anywhere, apps like Ashley Madison, Tinder, OK Cupid, and Feeld are the most popular in the polyamorous realm. AshleyMadison is extremely well known but widely misunderstood. Although it is popularly known for being scandalous, it can actually be a great place to start when looking to open up your relationship. OKCupid is another dating app that has broadened its options to allow individuals or couples to classify themselves as polyamorous and clarify what they are seeking, thus making it easier to identify others also seeking polyamorous encounters. While Tinder is also prominent, it doesn’t allow you to identify upfront as being polyamorous which can cause confusion and misunderstanding. Lastly, Feeld, an app known as the “Tinder for threesomes,” is definitely catered to the polyamorous community. Due to the “hookup” rather than “relationship” nature of the app, it has bad ratings. With that in mind, it can still be a great place to start! Feeld also holds a large LGBTQ+ population which is often advantageous in polyamory.

2. While meeting people online can be less intimidating than meeting people in person, there are social gatherings like meetups, pride parades, and Poly conventions that allow you to immerse yourself in the polyamorous community. These events help build confidence and broaden your friend group., a highly trafficked website full of postings for different social gatherings and groups, has a vast selection of polyamorous involved crowds. Conveniently, to find events, all you have to do is search your area and add a keyword. If you are out living life and meeting new people, especially at events catered to polyamory, you are sure to find a partner or partners! The more you attend these events, the more comfortable you will feel in the community and the more like-minded people you will meet.

3. On the same playing field as both points above is social media. A shocking 39% of couples were reported to have met online. Sites like Facebook allow people to reconnect with people they haven’t seen in ages, while also joining groups for communities they enjoy. There is a swarming number of polyamorous supported groups on Facebook! Another social media site prominent for polyamory is Fetlife. Fetlife is like an r-rated Facebook for kinksters. With nearly 8.5 million users worldwide, both local and international, Fetlife offers groups, events, profiles, pictures, and video sharing for polyamory. It includes “chapters” around the states that meet up often, opening up opportunities to find your niche of friends in the polyamorous community.

It is extremely important to note that whether you meet someone online or in person, ALWAYS USE CAUTION- tell people where you’re going and who you’re with. Share your location with people you trust and always have a way out. Public places are the best places to meet if you are meeting someone new for the first time. Your best bet at meeting a partner or partners is to just go for it! Delve into the community and get as involved as you can!

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