3 Tips to a Better Open Relationship

An article I read on open relationships gives an honest true account of how good they can actually be if both individuals are willing to participate. The woman explained how all her life she’s had a problem with monogamy so she usually cheated. She felt very bad because she hurt a few people along the way. Finally, she met her match on OkCupid and after dating for a while they set their own terms for what they both wanted out of their relationship. They started what relationship and sex columnist Dan Savage calls “monogamish” a term that implies that they are in a relationship “sort off.” An open relationship works for them and they have managed to be together for a while. What may work for them may not work for you so talking openly and honestly with your partner is the first step. Being honest with the people you are also dating is a good idea too. “The most important thing is honesty.”

Here are 3 tips on how to have a fun, sexy and happy open relationship:

Setting Boundaries:

You must first talk about what desires you have for yourself and what you would allow your partner to do. You must be honest with each other about what you’re OK with them doing. For instance, some people have open relationships where they only go out on dates with other people. Some may allow sex but no intimacy reserving that for each other. Other open relationships allow the other partner to do it all as long as you protect yourself. So sitting down and letting the other partner know what will hurt you and what you can be okay with will save a lot of future arguments.

Keeping a journal:

Just because you are in an open relationship doesn't mean you can't be responsible. Keeping a journal or a log of who you’ve been having sex with can keep things safer. That is the most important rule in an open relationship protecting yourself and your partner from any unwanted sexually transmitted disease. I encourage each individual to keep track of who they sleep with so there can keep having fun while staying safe!

Have fun:

Once you decide that this is the type of relationship you want and that you are not just doing it for the other partner, chill, kick back, and have guilt-free fun. It’s only cheating if the other person does not know. Remember you can choose to tell your partner all the details of your “entanglements” or keep them to yourself. Monitoring the relationship would be a good idea such as checkpoints talks where you decide to address the boundaries and each other's feelings. Always making sure that this is what you and your partner want leads to no one getting hurt. After the serious talks and safety precautions have fun and enjoy yourself. It’s not for everyone but it may be for you!

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