Welcome to Our Community!


We are a group of your fellow community members and our goal is to break the taboo that revolves around open relationships.​

We aim to give information, provoke thoughts, and entice conversations about relationships in the 21st century. So many of us have found that the traditional mold of what is considered a “relationship” does simply not work for everyone. So why not make your own rules?

Bringing up an open relationship with a special someone or a person you just met can be daunting; how to come up with rules that all parties are comfortable with, how to explain your relationship to other people in your life, how to deal with issues like jealousy and boundaries?

Read other people’s experiences, dive into a conversation or post your questions in our Forum section and find and reach out to professionals who can provide you with further guidance in our Professional Guidance section.

If you are a professional who can offer services like individual and couples counseling when it comes to specifically open relationships, feel free to visit our Professional Guidance section and reach out to us – we are constantly looking for more professionals to add to our network so we can provide as much help to others as possible.